Aviation In Canada

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Radio Conversation

A controller in Halifax Terminal, a good friend of mine with a sense of humor had the following exchange recently. GGN is "Georgian", a regional airline from Ontario flying routes in the QM FIR. They were flight planned at 17,000 HZ-QY in a Beech 1900D.

GGN7476: "Halifax, GGN7476 requesting 11,000"
HZ TCU: "GGN7476, maintain 11,000"
GGN7476: "Climbing to 11,000, GGN7476"
a short time later...
GGN7476: "GGN7476 requesting 13,000"
HZ TCU: "GGN7476, maintain 13,000"
GGN7476: "13,000, GGN7476"
another short time goes by...
GGN7476: "GGN7476 request 15,000"
HZ TCU: "GGN7476, maintain 15,000"
GGN7476: "Up to 15,000, GGN7476"
GGN7476: "GGN7476 would like to climb to 17,000"
HZ TCU: "You're one high maintenance beech..."