Aviation In Canada

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Flying Weather

I could be a weather forecaster. In fact, I could make good money on the side, if it came down to taking bribes to ruin the weather forecast for a particular day. I have this effect whether it's the day before or a week in advance. I've also shown promise for distorting weather for a given event as far as 7 months in advance.

I've been trying to keep my currency for flying, and every time I book a plane, the weather drops. I check the forecast and it's good for the next 48 hours. I book a plane for the next day, and suddenly, from out of nowhere, a rogue weather system moves in and we're raining and windy. My plane is booked for today at noon, for example, and suddenly a nice, sunny forecast has turned to 1,500 OVC with rain showers and high winds beginning at 11:00. Unfortunately, they've been spot on with the TAFs in the last few months -- on days when I've booked a plane, that is.

I still have a few more days. Between work schedules and bad weather, I'm determined to fly at some point. I'll get in the air. Even if it means a circuit check next week instead.