Aviation In Canada

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stupidity Recognized

While telling some people about my little injury (mentioned yesterday), I would mention that, "I saw it coming," and yet, "let it happen." Obviously I felt that it may not happen or I would have stopped, right? And yet, even with my little vision, I ended up getting hurt. I started thinking about this when people I spoke to would tell me about their own little stories. "I was cutting shingles while roofing my house and I could see I was doing something stupid and ended up proving it." "I was hammering away in an awkward position I knew was stupid, saw that my thumb was in a bad place and ended up getting confirmation in a painful way."

It's interesting in an aviation sense because I'm sure this feeling comes into play in a lot of human error incidents. Can't you just see a pilot saying, "Looking back, I knew I shouldn't have tried but did it anyway"? I've heard some people, being involved in minor events, saying similar things. That's what judgment is all about, and yet how often is it ignored? What if it was heeded? I wonder how many major events could be avoided by listening to that meek, little voice that suggests against doing something. Think about it for a minute. What has happened to you that you somehow just "knew" would happen but you went ahead and did anyway, only to suffer for it somewhow? Care to post any? Hey, I posted mine.