Aviation In Canada

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Morning Star C208 Crash

By now, whoever reads this blog is likely to have already heard about the crash of a Cessna 208 near Winnipeg Airport within the city's boundaries. They're looking quite seriously at the weather, and in particular the icing reported by the pilot in her last words to Winnipeg ATC.

It was reported in Moncton's local paper, the Times-Transcript, that the pilot was a Dieppe native. Dieppe is a city in southeastern New Brunswick that abuts against Moncton's city boundaries, and is where the Greater Moncton International Airport is. Apart from the pilot's connection to the city, Moncton ATC also know her. She had been running the Moncton to Charlottetown route in one of MorningStar's Caravans for some time prior to flying in Winnipeg, and her voice was well known by Moncton ATC and the FSS staff at Charlottetown. I actually met her at the Nova Scotia International Airshow in 2004.

I hope all is as well as it can be for her friends and family.