Aviation In Canada

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Circling Procedures, Part One

Often the weather requires use on an instrument approach aid to break cloud, but dictates the use of another runway not aligned with the approach to be flown. For example, Fredericton, NB (CYFC), has no IFR approach on RWY 33 due to restricted airspace. If the winds are hard out of the northwest, but the ceiling is down around 900 feet, how does an aircraft who requies the use of 33 get in? He may fly any one of the other approaches published for the airport and circle to land on 33.

First things first, he needs a clearance that permits it. "... cleared to the Fredericton airport for the straight-in VOR runway 27 approach, circling for runway 33." This allows the pilot to circle for 33. Without such a clearance, ATC is not anticipating a circling procedure, and it may affect separation. Should a clearance for a circling procedure be required, all a pilot needs to do is ask if he hasn't be offered the option.

More to follow in tomorrow's post.