Aviation In Canada

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Another Radio Communications Gripe

This is another one that gets me ruffled: When a controller tells you, as a pilot, to contact another ATC, a flight service station, or whatever, please, I beg of you, key your mic and say something. Anything. Just so I know you heard me. If you don't acknowledge, I have to call you again. And again. And probably again a few more times. I have to check with the next controller, who may be very busy, to see if you called him. And if he's busy, he doesn't want that. But if he's busy, the last thing he needs is an aircraft in his area, in the middle of his traffic, that he can't talk to. And by then, you may be out of range of my radio, so neither of us can get you. Prompt action is required on our part to be sure to prevent such a situation, all because you wouldn't say, "See ya," "Goodday," "Roger," or something else so simple to let me know you heard me.

It's such a simple request. Please help out. :)