Aviation In Canada

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Best "Ride Report" Ever

In Moncton Center, our airspace is divided between our high level and low level groups with high having everything FL290 and above. One morning a couple of years ago, while things were quiet, the high level controller noticed an A320, a regular flight from CYYT to CYYZ, was passing through at FL280, below his area. He asked me to get a ride report when I talked to him for relay to others in his area above him. Gander handed the aircraft off to me. The initial call had a bit of a lively step, and went like this:

"Moncton Center, good morning! Airline 123 is with you at FL280, and it's smooth as the inside of a school girl's thigh!"

Unless he was monitoring my frequency for a long time -- which is highly unlikely -- he wouldn't have known he wouldn't reach a woman on the other side of the radio when he called in. I hit the hotline to high level and said, "Here's that ride report you were looking for..."

Note: The name of the airline and the flight number have been changed to protect the guilty.