Aviation In Canada

Thursday, February 03, 2005

At long last, a flight of my own...

I finally got an opportunity to go flying yesterday. My first combination of good weather, time off, and a C172 available to me. Mind you, I rarely seem to get past the first two to see if Moncton Flight College has a 172 available. And what a day it was in CYQM!

Temperature out there was +1°C, not a cloud in the sky. Even the Diamond Eclipses were easy to spot, and I always have a hard time finding them on final. I was alone in the plane, so it climbed beautifully in the clear, calm air. While on the ground, I felt a little disorganized, and almost felt that I shouldn't go flying, but once I got seated, I felt pretty good. I did some sightseeing, and then returned right in the middle of the traffic flow. A handful of IFR aircraft inbound and outbound, along with a bunch of VFRs.

The tower worked me in nicely for three circuits amidst it all. The guys and gals in the tower here are a great bunch, despite being underappreciated. It was just nice to get back up in the air again. I hope to fly more this year than I did last year, just barely keeping current.

Finally, I thought I'd take a moment to thank those who have written to me to thank me for writing. It's nice to know this is being read and appreciated. A few have written me from flying clubs, and I seem to have lost their addresses, but I thought I'd post the couple that I still had here, just in case you might be interested in seeing some facilities. Check them out.


And my personal favorite, not just because they let me fly, but because it's the best flight school I have seen to date: