Aviation In Canada

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Westjet runs again

As an aircraft enthusiast, I always like to see a variety of aircraft in the sky. Living an area where there is a comparative lack of aviation traffic (compared with places like Atlanta, Toronto, and so forth), I sometimes find myself living vicariously through others, watching airline news and so forth. Along those lines, I read in this morning's paper about how Westjet has furthered more agreements on aircraft leases. They started off with B737-200's, and now they're updating the fleet with -700s. The new leases show that Westjet is continuing its love affair with the B737, but this time their getting 5 -800s and 3 -600s, along with more of the -700s. Kind neat to see the variety, even if it is the same parent line of aircraft.

With Canjet flying -200s and -500s around, we have most of the variants covered. I'm sure someone is flying the -300 and -400 versions around here, but off hand I can't think of anyone. Does anyone know if any operators are still running the -100s in Canada?