Aviation In Canada

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Jetsgo Dies

I read in yesterday's paper, after making yesterday's post, that Jetsgo has folded. They announced cessation of all flying activities, and the removal of airport staff, effective midnight March 11, 2005. The article I read said Jetsgo left its paid passengers in a lurch, in classsic Jetsgo style, by saying if you had paid for a ticket for a future flight, you'll have to contact the Canadian Transportation Agency. Rumor has it they knew this was afoot for a significant period leading up to it, yet continued to take bookings.

My wife monitors an internet forum, and a lady posted on that a message about her husband and her son that had plans to fly out before Jetsgo pulled the plug. They were to fly to Toronto the evening before the big public announcement. When they checked in, they were told their flight was cancelled "due to mechanical problems," and that they could fly out the next morning. They were right, they just didn't say what airline they could fly on. Very nice. Well handled, Jetsgo. My opinion of Jetsgo is probably not a secret any more.

I will, however, sympathize with Jetsgo's employees. In Toronto earlier this month, while waiting impatiently for my Jetsgo plane to fly me home to Moncton, I witnessed converstations amongst two separate groups of Jetsgo employees. I haven't heard anyone malign their employer so badly since listening to ourselves at work about NavCanada. Scheduling difficulties, short notice changes to shifts, mistreatment of the worst kind without being fired. The stories I overheard were horrible. It's amazing, being fed the crap these people were given, that they could even smile on the job. A CEO in the US was quoted at a high profile businessman's meeting as saying, "I haven't yet seen a company please its customers that hadn't first pleased its employees." There's a lot of truth in that statement. Hopefully these displaced workers will find more satisfying employment elsewhere.

A friend, upon hearing my own difficulties with travelling Jetsgo, forwarded me this address. It's incredible what's out there on the internet.