Aviation In Canada

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Jetsgo, Take 2

What do Nordair, InterCanadian, Royal Aviation, Canada 3000 and Jetsgo all have in common? If you said, "None of them are flying," you're correct. If you said, "They are all airlines that Michel LeBlanc had a hand in," you're also correct. If you're interested enough in aviation to read my ramblings, then you're probably already heard that LeBlanc is at it again. He plans to restart Jetsgo, reportedly looking to lease 8 of the MD83s that he ran with Jetsgo up until March 11's failure. This would put him in the driver's seat of yet another attempt at running an airline. My favorite part about the story came when a reporter asked him what he would call his latest venture. Reportedly, he said he would use the name Jetsgo again, since, "people already know the name." Yes, Michel, that's what we're afraid of. At least we would know for sure what to expect this time.

For more info on Jetsgo's founder, Michel LeBlanc, I think the CBC did a good write up on him. Check it out by clicking here.