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Saturday, March 26, 2005

My Son's Birthday Cake

I'm proud of this, for two reasons. My oldest son just turned 8. Since his third birthday, I've taken it upon myself to make custom shaped cakes for him (my other son doesn't like "normal cakes" and will only eat ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen, so I can't do this for him). My wife bakes them and then I shape and decorate. This year, he asked for an airplane cake. Happy he wanted something to do with flying, I asked him what kind of airplane. He named a specific plane. The F-18. That's my boy.

Anyway, I thought I'd add a picture, just to show you what my boy wanted. It's brown, since vanilla icing was apparently not an option, but it's still an F-18. Notice the Canadian maple leaves on the wings and the '8's on the fins. The fins were made from cut outs from a cereal box in the shape of the fins with an added triangle to sink into the cake, and they were iced thinly for the sake of presentation. I enjoyed building and decorating this as much as he enjoyed eating it.

This image will be available for a limited time, a couple of weeks or so...
F-18 Cake