Aviation In Canada

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Something New!

My "vacation" continues, but now that I am taking a day to recover from an all-day, harsh mountain biking trip (who said Prince Edward Island was flat and low-lying?!), I'll write a quick little something.

I noticed as a side bar in the local paper that Air Canada is a co-launch customer with Air France on a cargo derrivative of the Boeing 777, and also that ACA is planning to use the Boeing 787 later as well. I found that kind of interesting after the air carrier seemed to dump North American products for Airbus in the last decade. A319, A320, A321, A330, A340. Really, there aren't many in the Airbus line they aren't flying, and yet they're looking at Boeing planes, now. I'll have to keep watching. I wonder if there are any feelings from their pilots about the new aircraft. When they went with Airbus, I remember several comments over the airwaves from the B727 crews the A320 was replacing, most notably a very gruff, "Unplug it and fly it!"

Also, another sidebar from a few days ago said that WestJet has announced the provision of in-flight TV entertainment on all of its aircraft. I had the pleasure of flying some of their aircraft in recent months, and found that some had already been offering it. I really liked it, personally. I'm a sight-seer, and love to look out the window, but if there is an undercast layer, there isn't much to look at. The TV just seems like a great diversion since you're cooped up in the tube for a couple of hours, or however long your flight is.

My vacation officially ends next Tuesday, so I expect to be back at writing regularly then. I may drop by if the opportunity presents itself. Thanks for stopping by.