Aviation In Canada

Monday, June 27, 2005

Strip Marking Example, Part 3

As our Navajo gets further from Saint John (YSJ), eventually he gets to the point where he is considered to be geographically separated from that area, meaning we don't have to consider him traffic over YSJ any more. At that point, the CYSJ departure strip can be removed from the board, and in his case, we only have one more strip, the arrival at CYFC. The controller issues landing information to the pilot (which includes ceiling, visibility, altimeter, runway and approach in use -- which happens to be runway 27 and the VOR RWY 27 approach -- and so on). Due to other traffic at CYFC, the controller has to give our intrepid hero a hold. The clearance sounds like this:

Alpha Romeo Tango is cleared to the Fredericton VOR via V310, maintain four thousand, hold east inbound on the zero nine three radial, expect approach clearance at two three zero five. Report entering the hold.

The strip is marked as follows:

The holding instructions are shown in the little boxes to the right of the center box, as is the EAC time. The little "O" in the big bos to the right indicates the clearance limit, O standing for "OMNI", a carry over from the old days. In the collection of little boxes to the left of the center box, you may have noticed a little check mark. This shows that the controller asked for the report of entering the hold. The time the pilot enters the hold will be marked in there, whether the controller asked for that report or not.