Aviation In Canada

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Back in June, I was contacted by Curtis Peters of Aviation.ca, the website I mentioned here some time ago. This time it wasn't about another one of my stories, but rather all of them, in effect. He had found my blog, and was interested in me doing some posting there. They are trying to build an aviation home page, or so to speak, for Canadian aviation interests. They're getting underway fairly well, I think.

They have forums, galleries, links, and all that good stuff, as well as daily headlines in aviation news right on the "front page". I don't know of how much of an honor it actually is, but it has become one of the few "daily stops" on the web that I haven't failed to visit in the recent weeks (except for my vacation, of course).

Right now, I'm posting there what I'm posting here, in my own little section called "Controller's Corner" (their name choice, not mine). I made them promise to make my stuff accessible "on the cover" if they wanted me. They have free "memberships" which allow more customized content, but I didn't want people to have to click here, sign in there, and click, click, click some more to find my stuff if it were to become a permanent home. I like simplicity, and therefore I aim for it. For now, I'll continue to run the mirrored operation, but eventually I plan to move there completely and permanently. I'd really like some feedback on this plan. Would you mind clicking over there and checking things out (if only my column, if you plan to keep reading), and tell me here what you think about this potential move? I'd like to hear from you. The site is simply, http://www.aviation.ca.