Aviation In Canada

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Canadian ATC Issues

I don't believe I'm in much of a position to comment on the "bargaining" currently not going on between NavCanada and the CAW/CATCA. Read the previous sentence again if you missed both subtle messages there. Oh, and don't bother to ask NavCanada what the issues are at the bargaining table, since it is quite clear they are unaware of them. Money is not the issue that's stalling things, and the union is quite willing to negotiate, should the company ever wish to engage in meaningful negotiations.

Another issue that someone mentioned some time ago which I conspicuously failed to comment on was the implementation of CAATS, the Canadian Automated Air Traffic System, in Moncton Center. This is a very contentious issue that the company would probably rather speak about on their own, rather than read my views on it publicly. Freedom of speech is one thing, but continuation of salary is quite another. I'm not really suggesting I'd be fired if I commented, because it's not really working *that* badly. But, I'll say this, in as much as no computer system ever functions perfectly, CAATS fits the expectations quite nicely. Read between the lines there, too.