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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Eurocontrol Information

For those who may have missed it, a post was made by a German engineer on June 17 as a reply to June 16's article. In it, a link was added that I'm sure at least some of my readers would appreciate. It's a link to the European Aeronautical Information Publication, or AIP. The Canadian AIP as we know it is currently in a different format, but it will change to conform to ICAO standards this fall. The information that we all come to enjoy in the AIP Canada as it is now will be moved to a new pub, called the Aeronautical Information Manual, or AIM. This will sound quite familiar to the American visitors to this site. These two manuals will now be similar in content.

In any case, the link to the European pub will no doubt bring some welcome information and realism to flight simming in the virtual European skies. You're invited to sign up as a public user, and you'll have access to the Published AIP Management System, and therefore access to charts and airport information for many European countries. A reminder from the post, "it's not for real flight preparation, but hey, it's free!" Here's the link:


A big thanks to Helge from Germany!