Aviation In Canada

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Runway Number Changes

Halifax, as mentioned here before, is undergoing some formal changes to their runway numbers. Now reopened, for the most part, runway 06/24 is now 05/23, and 15/33 is now 14/32. The logic was already mentioned, and the need is there t oconform with standards, but what a bugger it is to deal with this. As long as I've been interested in aviation, as long as I can remember, this airport has had the old numbers. I believe they opened in 1960 with those old numbers. It's a hard adjustment. In fact, a pilot tripped me up last night, too. He asked what approach they were using (already mentioned he had the ATIS), so I told him they were lining up for Runway 23. He asked for R15. I correct him, and said oh yeah, we got the ATIS and I guess we'll use R24 if if we have to.

I thought, surely the TWR wouldn't put R24 on the ATIS if it's now R23. So I had to look silly and ask the TCU guys next to me. This runway number change is big news around there, so they thought I should damn well know about it. Alright, I took the wet noodle of my own before slapping the pilot I allowed to lead me with it. Simple miscommunication. He meant R23, but out of habbit said R24.

I can't wait til we all get accustomed to this new change.