Aviation In Canada

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Snowbird Crash

It saddens me when I read about any incident regarding the Snowbirds. I feel a certain pride over them, despite having no more connection to them than any other airshow spectator. Because their Canadian? Because they fly airplanes? I don't know.

My biggest fear about the Snowbirds rrests not with the pilots. These guys are enthusiastic, and are true professionals. They analyze their show, plan their every move, and practice hard and often. They know the risks, and yet still push on to give a show for the public, the vast majority of which will never even begin to appreciate what goes into doing such an act, and even the most dedicated to their shows will never *really* know what it's like.

No, my biggest fear is the possibility that one day we won't have them. Someday someone will probably say, "Look, the airplanes are getting too old. Look at how many problems we've had over the last XX years. I'm sorry, we have to stand them down." They've already talked about it in the past. I'm afraid it may only be a matter of time. With each incident like the recent crash, I feel that time gets a little shorter.

I'm extremely pleased that Snowbird 8 survived the incident. Its great to know he's alive and well. I hope his dedication continues, and that the Snowbirds survive as a team just as he did for years to come.