Aviation In Canada

Saturday, October 15, 2005


I have a simple question to ask of my readers. I'd like as many responses as I can, but I need some information from you as well. Below, I'll ask the question. Then, without first reading the comments of any others, formulate your opinion, and click on the comments line to enter yours. After entering your answer, feel free to review the answers of others. I'd also like to know something about you: Are you a pilot (IFR, VFR, simulator only), ATC, industry observer, airspace planner, or whatever. What's my point? There is some discussion about the subject, and I want to know, in a non-scientific poll, how others feel. I'll leave this up until Monday, hopefully getting more answers, and then fill you in on further details. All I want today is your answer to the question, and we can get into discussions of why you think the way you do starting Monday. So don't defend yourself or your stance, and don't criticize others for their view here today, just let everyone answer the way they feel about it. The question is asked in a very general way, since I don't want to lead readers' answers. Don't think in terms of definitions and rules, or how you might explain it to someone. Just give the first answer that comes to mind. Now on to the question:

What is a SID (Standard Instrument Departure)?