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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Shift Work

This is not as serious a post as the title may imply. Today's post is basically an apology for not keeping up the blog over the last few days. Here's what I mean.

Normally, I work shift work. As an operational air traffic controller, it comes with the territory. I can say this: I hate Monday to Friday, 9-5. My schedule this week is similar to that, though it keeps my "work round", as it started on Saturday and ends Thursday. My days are 8:00 til 4:30. And that's where the problem is. While I like the fact that I'm guaranteed daylight for the bikeride to work and back home later, the schedule stinks, in my eyes. My normal rotation of shifts kicks the crap out of me, but at least I have some evening shifts -- where I can get things done in the morning before traffic gets bad -- and some day shifts -- which start early and allow me to be home sometimes as early as 1:00 so I get things done after work, too. But when I work from breakfast til supper, I find it so hard toget motivated to do anything else. Every now and then I get a few day shifts like this in a row -- perhaps an entire "round" of them -- and it reminds me how much I used to hate working Monday to Friday, 9-5, or the like.

How does this relate to the blog? It frigs up my whole pattern of how I get things done. Between that routine being lost, and what I've been tasked with at work, the blog has been a time consumer that I just couldn't get to. Only today and tomorrow left (as it stands now) and then I'm back on a "normal" schedule, so hopefully I'll be a little better at writing something.