Aviation In Canada

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Time Change

As much as I hate the time changes between daylight savings time and standard time, it has promised some entertaining ideas over the years. While I haven't seen it done in a long, long time, senior controllers used to take advantage of trainees at these times in the year.

On the midnight shift, the senior controllers would tell the trainees how much they hated setting all the clocks back or forward. The trainees fell into two categories. Those who were keen to show how interested they were, and those who figured it was a duty. Either way, they'd go set the clocks. In an ACC, there are plenty of clocks.

The sharp ones would normally figure out, at least at some point in the process if not at the outset, that the clocks we use are set to show GMT, or Zulu, and thus don't need to be reset at these times.