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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Carbon Monoxide Story (with followup)

(Readers of the forums at Aviation.ca will already be aware of the post referred to below. I'm writing about this for the benefit of those who read my blog here, which is mirrored there)

Someone posted a recent experience with Carbon Monoxide in the forums at Aviation.ca. The odorless and colorless gas is an insidious little problem which is difficult to detect, and can have deadly consequences, both directly and indirectly. It's effects are slow and sublime, and can cause death simply by itself but also due to incapacitation which could result in a loss of control. Luckly, the writer survived and landed his plane before anything could happen, evne though his passengers had already suffered too much exposure. His story was written to remind everyone about the existence of such a problem. The reason I'm writing about it is not only due to the story of the experience, but also because a reader added an informative follow-up post with some interesting information about CO exposure that I think we can learn from. Follow the link below to the forum's post (no registration is required, the forum is public) and see just what was written.