Aviation In Canada

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I'm back from the Nova Scotia International Airshow. Well, technically I was back yesterday from it. And technically I didn't actually go to it. My airshow days start with the day before the show itself when most of the participants fly in. This year, due to other commitments, this was my airshow in its entirety. I had to be back in Moncton yesterday so I missed the show itself. And for the number of airshow aircraft, it almost appears as though I'll miss nothing. The show was quite thin compared to past years, and the $18 admission (that's per person not per car), I don't feel like I made a bad choice, especially after seeing how little arrived.

Given that this is the only annual airshow in the maritime provinces, I feel like the days of it are numbered like all the others. It makes me wonder about the idea of arranging a new one, this time in an airport much closer to home. It's a big undertaking to get one going, but maybe that's what's needed out here. Perhaps some interest can be generated in my own city on getting one together. We had one in the past, why not another one? Perhaps it's time to lend a hand in organizing one instead of just observing one. Where's my pen? I better get the letter writing campaign going soon.