Aviation In Canada

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

ATC Radio Chatter

Here's one that happened many years ago. The controller involved is still working today, though he didn't work for a couple of days immediately following this exchange.

(busy) Moncton Center: "Speedbird 169 cleared direct Chibougamau"
BAW169: "I'm sorry, sir, can you repeat that?"
CZQM: "Speedbird 169 cleared direct Yankee Mike Tango"
BAW169: "Direct Yankee Mike Tango for Speedbird 169. What was that name again?"
CZQM: "It's called Chibougamau"
BAW169: "Would you say again, please?"
CZQM: "Chibougamau. I say again, Chibougamau!"
BAW169: "Oh, how quaint. What does it mean?"
CZQM: "It's eskimo for f--- off!"

Incidentally, the YMT VOR was changed on the maps some time after this. The place name is the same (pronounced "chi-BOO-ga-moo"), but the official name of the VOR is now "Chiboo".