Aviation In Canada

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Moncton ACC 25th Anniversary

25 years ago today, the Moncton ACC officially opened it's current facility, relocating from the old building at the Greater Moncton International Airport (known then only as the Moncton Airport) to it's new location in Riverview, NB. The facility opened with new technology being introduced to the Canadian Air Navigation System. New radar displays, communication equipment and flight data handling systems all came into place as a shadow operation remained ready across the river in the old building in the event of a problem.

Today, the facility is still on the frontline, being the first to implement new pieces of equipment, such as our voice switch equipment and radar displays. CAATS, the Canadian Automated Air Traffic System, is being pioneered here, too, though I'll reserve feelings on that one.

Next time you're flying the approach to runway 06 at CYQM, have a look out the left side after you pass the Riverview NDB. You'll see where we watch the skies over the maritime provinces, serving the transatlantic traffic twice daily along with the many departures and arrivals in our area.